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Remote Phone Call

Version 5.7

The remote control for your Android phone

Remote Phone Call connects your Android phone with your Microsoft Windows PC. You can easily dial numbers, answer and end calls and write SMS messages. All from your desktop and also directly from Microsoft Outlook...

Remote Phone Call

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Remote Phone Call Trial

Get Remote Phone Call Trial on Google Play

Remote Phone Call LK

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Features of PC client

  • Dial numbers (PC2DIAL)
  • Write SMS messages (PC2SMS)
  • Add-in for Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Accept and end calls
  • View and search phone contacts
  • View call and SMS history
  • .NET/VBA API for own integrations

Features of phone service

  • Auto start with WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Show connection status
  • Includes the PC client setup


  • Android robot logoAndroid 2.0 or higher
  • Window 8 logoMicrosoft Windows XP or newer
  • WiFi logoWiFi environment or a
  • Bluetooth logoBluetooth* enabled PC


  • Office 2013 logoMicrosoft Office 2007 or newer

*Supported Bluetooth stacks: Microsoft, WIDCOMM

CallCenter 6.0 Beta preview

This free preview version supports the Bluetooth Handsfree profile for iPhone, Android and many other mobile devices.

CallCenter Download Version 6.0 Beta


Remote Phone Call consists of two components. Remote Phone , the app running as service on the phone, and the PC client CallCenter.

The PC client connects to the phone service via Bluetooth or WiFi. After establishing a connection you can manage calls fully from your Microsoft Windows desktop. You can easily dial numbers from phone contacts, from the call history, from the clipboard, from Microsoft Outlook contacts and mail senders, from Microsoft Word and Excel and manually entered numbers. Further, you can accept and end calls, write and read SMS messages and control audio settings.

Remote Phone Call Trial is offered as full functional 15 day test version on Google Play. Also on Google Play you will find the paid version Remote Phone Call. If Google Play is not available for you, Remote Phone Call LK will be an option. This licence key version can be downloaded from the download section and will work as 15 day trial before a licence key is needed.

Since Remote Phone Call doesn't route audio* for active calls to the PC, we recommend the use of a Bluetooth headset connected to your phone.

*Audio routing is in general not possible for apps on Android because of system limitations

Video & Screenshots

Here you can watch our product video which demonstrates how CallCenter and Remote Phone are working together. On the left site you can see the screen capture of a real Android device which is controlled remotely from a Windows desktop.

You can see how to start calls on the Android phone from CallCenter or directly from Microsoft Outlook. Also some details about writing and reading SMS messages, about contact search and various other features are shown.

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We recommend to download our phone app from Google Play.

Remote Phone Call Version 5.7

Remote Phone Call Trial Version 5.7

If Google Play is not available for you, here is our licence key version which works as 15 day trial. After the test period a licence key is needed.

RemotePhoneLK.apk Version 5.7

The PC client CallCenter is included in the app and can be transferred to the PC from your phone. You can also download the client installation package for the current app version through the following link.

CallCenter.msi Version 5.7

The new beta version 6.0 of the PC client optionally supports the Bluetooth Handsfree profile. With this profile no running app on your phone is needed. Therefore, CallCenter is not restricted to Android anymore. Phones like iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even non-Smartphones are supported. The Handsfree profile routes the phone call audio to your PC. So, you need to use your PC speakers and microphone or a communication device connected to your PC. This is an early free preview version not implementing the final feature set. Also, bugs are expected. Thanks for testing and your feedback!

CallCenter.msi Version 6.0 Beta


The PC client CallCenter contains a programing interface for VBA/COM and .NET. The API is designed to allow arbitrary integrations into other software packages like CRM systems. Our own Microsoft Office Add-in which installs with CallCenter also uses this API. Samples and the SDK files can be found in the SDK subfolder of the CallCenter program folder.

SDK features

  • VBA/COM and .NET API
  • Dial numbers
  • Recognize incoming calls
  • Accept and end calls
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Control the CallCenter main window

SDK documentation

The detailed API reference of CallCenter can be found online.

API reference

Hello World sample

This simple sample shows how easy it is to dial a number from a C# Console Application.

using JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService;

class Program
  static void Main(string[] args)
    Application app;
    app = new Application("Hello world!");

    app.Phone.Call("+55 334634534");



Version 5.7
  • FIXFor some devices accepting calls does not work since November 2016 Android patch
  • FIXSometimes Bluetooth connection does not work
Version 5.6
  • NEWPC client style updates for Microsoft Windows 10
  • FIXApp crashes for WiFi connections on Android 7.0
Version 5.5
  • NEWExtended features for rooted phones
  • NEWWiFi network filter for autostart feature
  • FIXAnswering calls not possible on Android 5.0
  • FIXSome special characters like # cannot be dialed
  • FIXClient setup sometimes fails with DLL not found
Version 5.4
  • NEWNew licence key version Remote Phone Call LK
  • NEWHotkey for ending calls
  • FIXSMS read status fix for Android 4.4
Version 5.3
  • FIXCallto URL registration adapted for Windows 8
  • FIXPC client sometimes crashes at startup
Version 5.2
  • NEWApp option for disabling SMS features
  • NEWNew option for contact sort order mode
  • NEWSome GUI improvements
Version 5.1
  • FIXBluetooth connection problems for Android 4.2 solved
Version 5.0
  • NEWSMS messaging support added
  • NEWOffice integration extended for Office x64
  • NEWWI-FI connections while hotspot mode is active
  • NEWHotkey for accepting incoming calls
  • NEWSDK-extensions: COM/VBA API with Word macro example and SMS support
Version 4.0
  • NEWMicrosoft Office integration for Outlook, Excel and Word added
  • NEWSupport for WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack added (needed for some Windows XP systems)
  • NEWSDK for the integration of remote control features into own applications added

Extended features

Since begin of development of Remote Phone Call a full featured remote control of all phone functions was the goal. Although Android is a great development platform, there are some features which cannot be controlled by app developers. For example it is not possible to dial DTMF tones for active calls and to manage foreground, background and conference calls. Even such basic functions like answering and ending calls are not directly offered and may stop working in future Android releases.

Starting with Android 4.4.3 some of this missing functions and with Android 5.0 nearly all features are provided. Unfortunately this new functions are not usable for common app developers. They are only available for device manufactures and for users which owns rooted phones. Nevertheless, the current Remote Phone Call version adds experimental support for extended call management functions.

Please help and vote for a new Android feature that would allow to offer these extended functions also for non-rooted phones.

Additional features

  • Hold/Activate calls
  • Dial a second call
  • Manage conference calls
  • Dial DTMF tones
  • Shows current call duration


  • Android 4.4.3 or above
  • A rooted phone
  • Remote Phone installed as system app within system/priv-app (see below)

Please vote to help

Vote for a new Android feature

Install Remote Phone as system app

Installation of Remote Phone Call as system app is only possible on rooted phones or on devices with unlocked bootloader and installed extended recovery tools. Please note that rooting or unlocking can lead to severe damages of device and loss of warranty. WE ARE NOT RESPONSABLE FOR DAMAGS OF YOUR DEVICE OR ANY DATA LOSS. Help and vote to make this available for non-rooted phones too.

This is a brief instruction of two possible ways of moving the Remte Phone apk file to the system/priv-app folder which will give the needed permissions for extended features. For more details please do some web researche about this topic. ex.: "How to install any App as a system app on Android"

For rooted phones with SuperUser support
  1. Install Remote Phone on your device as usual. Open the settings screen of Remote Phone and verify that the "Enable extended feature"-option is visible but not enabled for activation. In the case the option is not visible, your device does not support extended features and is probably running an Android version below 4.4.3 or a the Remote Phone version is below 5.5.
  2. If a exteded recovery tool is installed, perform a complete system backup.
  3. Install the app ES File Explorer or a compareable file explorer with root support on your phone.
  4. Open ES File Explorer and activate the "Root Explorer" option under tools.
  5. Go to the folder "/data/app".
  6. On an Android 4 device look for the "justPhone.remotePhone...apk" and perform a cut-operation on the apk-file. For Android 5 look for the "" folder and cut the folder.
  7. Go to the folder "/system/priv-app".
  8. Perform a past-operation.
  9. Reboot your phone.
  10. Start Remote Phone and verify, that the "Enable extended feature"-option is now enabled for activation.
Alternative for devices with extended recovery tools
  1. Install Remote Phone on your device as usual. Open the settings screen of Remote Phone and verify that the "Enable extended feature"-option is visible but not enabled for activation. In the case the option is not visible, your device does not support extended features and is probably running an Android version below 4.4.3 or a Remote Phone version is below 5.5.
  2. Boot into recovery mode and perform a complete system backup.
  3. Within recovery tool: mount your system image for write access
  4. Open a shell with root access on your PC via ADB or with a shell offered by your recovery tool if available.
  5. Use common shell commands and change the current folder to "/data/app".
  6. On a Android 4 device look for the "justPhone.remotePhone...apk"-file, for Android 5 look for the ""-folder and move the apk-file respectively the folder to "/system/priv-app
  7. Reboot your phone.
  8. Start Remote Phone and verify, that the "Enable extended feature"-option is now enabled for activation.


  • Can I use the PC microphone and speakers?

    No, sorry, the Android platform doesn't allow this for app developers. Therefore we recommend to use a Bluetooth headset directly connected to your phone for best results. As an example of such a headset look at our product picture. We have an eye on this but we don't think that one of the next Android releases will make this possible.

  • Can I dial numbers while a call is active?

    Unfortunately dialing DTMF tones for active calls is not possible for app developers on non-rooted Android phones. Starting with Android 4.4.3 experimental support for rooted phones was added to Remote Phone call. For details please see extended features.

  • Is Remote Phone Call available for iPhone or Windows Phone?

    No, sorry, currently only Android gives us the needed public features on the programing interface.

  • Are clients available for non-Microsoft Windows platforms?

    Currently the only client platform is Microsoft Windows. This is because we have invested a considerable amount of time to implement a client which integrates as seamless as possible into your desktop environment. But this comes with the price of a platform dependent client. Clients for other platforms are currently not planned for the near future.

  • Why do WiFi connections consume more battery power than Bluetooth connections?

    While the phone service is waiting for a new WiFi client or while it is connected via WiFi a CPU wake look needs to be held. Otherwise the phone would not be reachable or the connection would be lost. This wake lock for the main CPU is not needed for Bluetooth connections since the Bluetooth chip does the job. This saves power. In the case you use WiFi while your phone is not plugged to the power supply without the usage of CallCenter, you should stop the phone service and eventually disable the auto start option. In the case your PC is Bluetooth enabled you should prefer Bluetooth in preference to WiFi.

  • Does CallCenter work with Remote Desktop sessions?

    Yes! CallCenter can be started once per user session. But of course, for server environments CallCenter could only use WiFi for phone connections.

  • Could I use the PC as Bluetooth headset?

    CallCenter doesn't route audio to the PC speakers. This is not possible for app developers on Android. Therefore we recommend to use a Bluetooth headset. We have also experimented with the PC as Blueooth headset. This is possible for the most Bluetooth software stacks and this is not a feature of CallCenter. But we have seen some troubles with this setup. For example some Bluetooth software stacks perform an automatic incoming call pickup while the PC is connected as BT headset. We have also seen that this setup isn't very reliable. Therefore we use discrete Bluetooth headsets instead.

  • Does CallCenter auto pickup incoming calls?

    No! This should never be the case. Normally this behavior is caused by the Bluetooth software stack running on the PC while the PC is connected as Bluetooth headset. We recommend to use a discrete Bluetooth headset instead of the PC.

  • Can CallCenter be connected to the phone via a USB cable?

    No, sorry, this is not possible.

  • Can CallCenter cause bad WiFi performance?

    Unfortunately for some environments temporary, yes. Some Bluetooth/WiFi chipsets reduce the WiFi performance dramatically while a Bluetooth device search is performed. This should lead to better Bluetooth results since Bluetooth and WiFi use the same radio frequencies. CallCenter needs such lookups while waiting for a Bluetooth client. The problem disappears immediately after a connection has been established. As workaround for affected systems you should stop CallCenter from waiting for a Bluetooth phone connection while no phone is available. Just click on the status line at the head of the CallCenter main window. Click again for restarting the search.


Any questions? Please help us to save resources and take a look at our FAQs before writing us. We have tried to give helpful answers for the most common questions.

Do you have any suggestions or other problems? Send us a mail. We will help you!


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