JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService NamespaceRemotePhoneCallService API Reference
This is the API reference for the CallCenter SDK. CallCenter (see Onlinewww.justremotephone.com) is the client application of Remote Phone Call which allows to control a remote Android phone from a Windows desktop. This API enables application developers to dial numbers, to send SMS messages, to end calls, to accept calls and to control the CallCenter main window activation behavior.

Public classApplication
The application object for CallCenter.
Public classPhone
The phone object which can be used to control the remote phone. The instance of this object is accessible through the Phone-property.

Public delegateActiveContactLabelChangedDelegate
Delegate for the ActiveContactLabelChanged-event.
Public delegateActiveNumberChangedDelegate
Delegate for the ActiveNumberChanged-event.
Public delegateApplicationStateChangedDelegate
Delegate for the ApplicationStateChanged-event.
Public delegateNumbersForCreateSMSPendingChangedDelegate
Delegate for the NumbersForCreateSMSPendingChanged-event.
Public delegateNumberToCallPendingChangedDelegate
Delegate for the NumberToCallPendingChanged-event.
Public delegatePhoneActionStateChangedDelegate
Delegate for the PhoneActionStateChanged-event.
Public delegatePhoneStateChangedDelegate
Delegate for the PhoneStateChanged-event.
Public delegateSMSReceivedDelegate
Delegate for the SMSReceived-event.
Public delegateSMSSendResultDelegate
Delegate for the SMSSendResult-event.
Public delegateWindowActivationModesChangedDelegate
Delegate for events fired for changes of the window activation modes. (see RequestWindowActivationModesChanged and ActiveWindowActivationModesChanged)

Public enumerationApplicationState
The possible states of the Application object.
Public enumerationPhoneActionState
The state of the currently pending phone command.
Public enumerationPhoneState
Possible states for the Phone object.
Public enumerationSMSSentResult
SMS send result codes.
Public enumerationWindowActivationModes
Possible CallCenter window activation modes. This is a bit mask enumeration!